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“Excellent customer service and staff. Great products, very thorough, I have recommended multiple people to Express Marijuana Shop .”

I ordered $2000 dollar worth of weed including a big glass bong.
It took 3days to get to Illinois. Everything came undamaged and they even gave me a bunch of free stuff including, metal pipe screens, joint tube, 4 types of rolling papers, and a grinder. I love Express Marijuana Shop

This company (Express  Marijuana Shop) comes highly recommended. If you are looking for packaging solutions,
look no further. Their location allows them to deliver to you worldwide. I got my Order delivered to me here in the UK. But my package arrived only after 6 business days. Initially, I thought they could not ship to the UK but to my greatest surprise, I received my order intact. Express  Marijuana Shop is the answer if you need any Cannabis related product.

“I’ve been suffering from open-angle glaucoma since being diagnosed with it ten years ago. Usually, my intraocular pressure (IOP) is in the mid to high 20s. Eye drops have helped bring pressure down to the 21 range. But medical marijuana has allowed the pressure to come all the way down to 14. That’s close to a 30% drop in IOP. And with the ease at which I can vape my medicine, it makes it certain I can manage and maintain these levels going forward.”

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